NZ Suppliers Of Otto’s Cassava Flour & Natural Evolution Foods Banana Flour

Gluten Free Flours for baking a delicious range of muffins, pastries and breads.

If you have been looking for ways to bake some of your favourite recipes gluten free, or own a cafe or bakery and desperately looking at meeting the demand of your gluten free customers, you can now create baked foods that taste as good or if not better than white flour using Ottos Cassava Flour and Natural Evolution Foods Banana Flour.

For parents who have kids that require a gluten free nut free flour, now you can bake foods that taste great, for school, snacks and birthdays.

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In Japan. Why? Because we are formalising the highest element for our health. We are bringing together the best and highest quality new sachet range. An all in one superior easy satchet containing the richest and scientifically tested pre and probiotics. Perfect for our busy lives you can take it on a plane, in a car or anywhere. We are here to continue the vision and change the world with the Natural Evolution dream. We started with green banana flour to the world and we continue to create and discover the best the world has to offer and bring it to life. Natural Evolution produces the highest standards. Follow your dreams don't stop. If you can't find an answer to a question create it. #bananaflour #greenbananaflour #resistantstatch #multifibre #naturalevolution #evolvenaturally

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This is what I love about Natural Evolution Foods, they are passionate about not just their product, but the whole story. From the soil from which their bananas grow to the quality of manufacturing and the care for their employees. It's a level of integrity not always seen in food manufacturers today. Here you can have a tour of Natural Evolution by owner Rob and see for yourself where your Banana Flour and Resistant Starch comes from. Kudos to their team for keeping us informed and connected. 👏🍌👏 ... See MoreSee Less

Hey everyone I thought is was time to show you all why we are the elite and the best in the world in the green banana products. #bananaflour #greenbananaflour #naturalevolution #evolvenaturally #resistantstarch #prebiotic

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