Baking Tips With Banana Flour

Gluen Free BrowniesLess is More

You can substitute banana flour for wheat flour in most of your favourite recipes but if your recipe requires 1 cup of standard wheat flour flour you will only need to use ½ – ¾ of flour to achieve the same result or see how blog for recipes using banana flour. Alternatively check out our Pinterest collection of banana flour recipes.

Taste and Texture

Banana flour is made from green bananas which have little flavour and no sweetness. Your baked goods will have a wholesome earthy flavour and usually there is no detectable banana flavour. Foods like pancakes where there are fewer ingredients may have a hint of banana flavour.

Natural Evolution produces a finely ground flour, free from any grittiness. Baked goods will have a fine crumb that you won’t believe comes from bananas. While the flour is fine and only slightly darker than wheat flour it does take on a darker colour when baked.

Do I Need a Gluten Substitute?

Without the stretchiness of gluten your baked goods may be crumblier that traditional wheat flour foods. Most foods like cakes, muffins, pancakes and usually require no additional binders. You can use xanthan gum, guar gum, chia seeds, eggs or psyllium to help bind your baked goods.


Banana flour can be stored in your pantry, no refrigeration is necessary.