The Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics….And Why You Need Both.



In Part 2 of our good gut health series. A quick and easy infographic to show you the difference between prebiotics and probiotics. What they both do and the food sources you can find them from.

At Food Compass we stock Body Ecology for our range of Probiotics and Prebiotics. While you can eat a number of prebiotics like garlic, onions and leeks, you may find it easier on your breath to supplement it with Ecobloom. This prebiotic can be sprinkled on smoothies, cereals, mixed with your mash potato or added to any meal.

For Probiotics we have kefir (cultured/fermented milk) which tastes like a thin pourable yogurt and can be had on its own or used in smoothies, cereals and dips.

We also have a vegetable culture starter which ferments vegetables with potent strains of probiotics. Eat as a side dish or with your salads and main meals.

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